The Business Model is to Link the Best in The Market to Build New Networks
              and thus New Business Opportunities.


With our partners we trade a broad range of refined copper
at the best prices possible:
Primary Copper (Offgrade cathodes, Grade A cathodes,
Copper wire rod), Intermediate Copper (black copper,
blister copper, anodes, ingots), Secondary Copper
(Birch Cliff, granule)


KÜHNE COPCO is holding long term copper off-take
agreements over a broad range of products. Every day we
are seeking for new trading opportunities.
We are also involved in recycling projects aiming for extra
value along the supply chain. Based on the individual needs
of a project we develop and secure tailor made solutions for
spot agreements on secondary and primary metals. Our
professional network includes partners in Europe, America,
Africa and Asia.


We go further to make trade better work. With our
lenders and partners we ensure the commodity producer
benefits by receiving short-term financing to ensure
cash flow is available to achieve a maximum material
output. Depending on the project we can also offer:
-  Structured commodity finance (SCF) e.g.
-  pre-export finance
-  inventory finance


We understand that cost effective logistics are the keys to
successful trading. Due to a long history in the Supply
Chain & worldwide logistics business our capabilities enable
us to source commodities globally and ship them to our
customers wherever needed.
We have the tools to run logistics securely and responsibly.
As a part of the agreement we offer our expertise in
-   Consulting & Logistics Engineering
-   International Transport and Supply Chain Operations
-   Experts in Niche Markets like the Commonwealth of
    Independent States (CIS), Iran, Iraq, East Europe

KÜHNE COPCO is a legalized transport agent
for your worldwide logistics.